The Sofia City Art Gallery has been pursuing a consistent policy of targeting children and young adults through various educational programmes, lectures, and hands-on workshops. The gallery has been working with the EasyArt Foundation to implement joint educational children’s programmes, with classes taking place every Saturday. These children’s workshops are thematically related to what is currently on exhibit at the gallery.
The SCAG works in close contact with the National Academy of Arts, and the New Bulgarian University, offering its premises as a venue for the delivery of lecture classes to undergraduate and graduate students of art history. The gallery’s educational policy puts a special focus on attracting disadvantaged people by granting the latter access to exhibition premises, and the development of special inclusion programmes enhancing their knowledge and understanding of art. Parts of exhibitions are adapted to the needs of visually impaired visitors, who can use specially designed tactile cards and audio-guides.
In 2019, the Sofia City Art Galleryinitiated the Museum at School, School at the Museum educational programme. The gallery’s policy puts a strong emphasis on the ‘explanation’ of art outside gallery premises and its presentation in unconventional spaces. The exhibition aims to contribute to the enrichment of schoolchildren’s visual culture, as well as to expand their knowledge on the school subjects of Art and Art History. Children are offered the opportunity to see some of the most interesting artworks from the SCAG collection.
Exhibitions have been presented at various high schools, including the French Language School, Sofia, the National School of Applied Arts, Sofia, the National School of Culture, Sofia, the National School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Comprehensive High School No12, Sofia, 91 German Language School, Sofia, etc.Events complementing the exhibitions include the delivery of lectures and presentations at the above schools by SCAGcurators and a field trip to SCAG to seewhat is currently on exhibit at the gallery. During the gallery visit, students are delivered a brief lecture, and asked to fill out specially developed questionnaires.