SCAG is a museum with long-standing history. The institution’s mission is to explore and present facts pertinent to Bulgarian cultural history through a modern analytical approach and active involvement in the developments on the art scene through memorable projects marked by true originality. The gallery’s main mission is to preserve, safekeep, research, restore and promote the legacy of its collection. It also aims to expand the latter through purchases and donations. In 2007, after an 18-year hiatus, the Capital City Municipal Administration resumed the provision of annual funding designated for the purchase of artworks. This enables the regular supply of valuable additions to the collection. Experts employed by the institution cater to its collection and the latter’s presentation to the public through exhibitions, catalogues, and publications. The Sofia City Art Gallery is involved in research and the development of educational programmes. It extends the scope of its audience through meetings, lectures, debates, book presentations, and concerts. The gallery and its branches regularly update and improve their websites, enabling a more efficient contact with both the media and the public. The gallery has been transformed into a place where generations of artists and art lovers communicate in a manner conducive to the analysis and development of Bulgarian art within the context of developments on the global art scene.