“The Rebel of Spanish Photography, Alberto García-Alix, with a Solo Exhibition at the Sofia City Art Gallery as part of the FotoFabrika Festival“

 The visible and invisible world of a world-renowned photographer, presented in a stunning journey through his career.

The exhibition What The Eyes Don’t See takes a tour through the career of Alberto García-Alix, tracing his development as a photographer through different periods, formats, and techniques. It is part of the program of the FotoFabrika photography festival and will be showcased at the Sofia City Art Gallery from June 6th to July 14th.

The exhibition includes 50 specially selected shots from various series by García-Alix. Here are some of his earliest photographs from the late 70s and early 80s, as well as many newer ones.

The black-and-white aesthetic, to which García-Alix never strays, speaks of rebellion and fast living, to which we are condemned, but also of the tenderness and romance of the path we inevitably follow. And this path connects us with an invisible thread to all the others embarking on their journeys.

Alberto García-Alix will be a special guest at the opening of the exhibition on June 6th, and in the following days, he will also conduct a workshop with Bulgarian photographers.

About Alberto García-Alix

Alberto García-Alix was born in 1956 in León, Spain. At the age of 11, he moved to Madrid with his family, where he still lives today. His first attempts at photography date back to 1976, and his first exhibitions were in the 80s in Madrid and London. One of his most famous exhibitions was the retrospective display shown at the first edition of PhotoEspaña in 1998. A year later, he received the National Photography Award of Spain. He is also the recipient of the Golden Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture (2019).

He has had solo exhibitions in London, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, as well as in Latin America. His works are part of the collections of some of the world’s largest museums and galleries, including the National Museum of Art Reina Sofía (Spain), Fonds Nationales d’Art Contemporain (France), and Deutsche Börse (Germany).

For years, García-Alix has combined photography with publishing activities. He is the creator of the cultural magazine El Canto de la Creación (1989–1997) and co-founder of the publishing house Cabeza de Chorlito.

He is also one of the leading figures in the cultural movement La Movida Madrileña (The Madrid Scene), with some of his photographs capturing exciting moments from the movement’s early years, among whose members are the director and screenwriter Pedro Almodóvar, actresses Rossy de Palma and Emma Suárez, and flamenco legend Camarón de la Isla.

 About the FotoFabrika Festival

FotoFabrika Festival presents the highest examples of contemporary photography. FotoFabrika Foundation invites the spectator to become a doer and rework the events happening in the world through their own personal perspective and, thus, through the visual arts to provoke thought, emotion, and action.

This project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture and and the Cervantes Institut.


Self portrait, my feminine side, 2002

No title, 2019

Self portrait as a beast, 2019

Indelible mask, 2011

Two Ladies, 1988