Terms and Conditions




1. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the activities carried out by the MUNICIPAL CULTURAL INSTITUTE “SOFIA CITY ART GALLERY” (hereinafter referred to as “SCAG”) in the field of cultural heritage and applied arts, laying down the procedure, the manner and the conditions for the purchase and use of entry tickets for exhibitions, educational programmes, cultural or other events organised by SCAG or in collaboration with third parties (hereinafter referred to as “events”), the rules of conduct for visitors during events, the use of the site http://www.sghg.bg and its services, as well as other general provisions.  

2. These GTC enter into force upon their publication on SCAG site http://www.sghg.bg. By purchasing a ticket for an event organised by SCAG, the ticket holder agrees to these GTC and undertakes to comply with them. 

3. SCAG reserves the right, at its discretion and at any time, to amend the GTC and the amendment will enter into force upon its publication on the website of SCAG.  

4. Before purchasing a ticket for an event, the persons should check and familiarise themselves with these GTC. 


1. Entry ticket for SCAG event, including for event at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery branch, may be purchased at the ticket desk of SCAG at the following address: 1 Gen. Gurko str., Sofia 1000 (entrance from the side of Kniaz Al. Batenberg sq.), during the following working hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00 – 18.30, Sunday: 11.00 – 17.30.

2. The working hours for visiting events at SCAG, unless otherwise specified in a deliberate communication, are:  

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00 – 19.00
  • Sunday: 11.00 – 18.00
  • Monday: closed

3. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, entry to SCAG and its branches is free for individual visits.

4. Payment is made in cash and/or at a POS terminal for acceptance of direct payments with debit and/or credit cards. 

5. The purchase of a ticket entitles its holder to visit an event at SCAG for which the ticket refers.

6. The ticket is valid only for the day and date written on it and must be presented in the original and intact for verification before the event to a SCAG employee. 

7. After the purchase, the ticket holder may not return the ticket and claim refund of the amount paid for it, except in the cases explicitly provided for herein.

8. The ticket holder must keep the ticket from the moment of purchase until the end of the event for which it refers and until leaving the premises or other venues where SCAG events take place.

9. SCAG shall not issue duplicates and shall not refund money in case of lost, stolen, damaged or forgotten tickets.

10. SCAG reserves the right to make changes in the schedule of events and will notify its visitors thereof on its website and through their contact data, if such data have been voluntarily submitted to SCAG.  

12.  The SCAG staff engaged with the admission and accommodation of visitors may refuse access to the hall or the other venues where SCAG events take place to a ticket holder who is in a visibly intoxicated state, indecent appearance, aggressive or other type of unacceptable behaviour, disturbing the comfort or otherwise affecting the privacy of other visitors or the staff of SCAG. 

13. Returning the ticket or replacing it for another event is not allowed, except in cases where the event did not take place, was cancelled or interrupted during its performance for reasons for which SCAG is responsible. Such reasons fall outside the scope of unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances such as force majeure, accidental acts, declaration of war, state of emergency, coup d’état, natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, weather deterioration in case of open-air events, including postponing them for another date and/or venue, technical failures such as power or heat supply interruption, and other circumstances of extraordinary nature.  

14. (1) If an event did not take place, was cancelled or interrupted through the fault of SCAG, the ticket holder has the right to choose between:

1. refund of the amount of the ticket against its return (together with the cash receipt) at the ticket desk, intact, within 1 (one) month from the date on which the event should have taken place, unless otherwise specified by SCAG in a deliberate communication.

2. revalidation of the ticket for the same or for another upcoming event in SCAG calendar, within 1 (one) month from the date on which the event should have taken place, and the unused ticket in the original must be presented at the ticket desk. 

(2) The ticket is revalidated only in case of available free seats for the relevant subsequent event.  

(3) In the hypothesis of ticket revalidation under paragraph 1, where the price of the ticket for the newly chosen event is:

1. lower than the price of the ticket for the failed, cancelled or interrupted event, SCAG shall not owe any refund of the difference.

2. higher than the price of the ticket for the failed, cancelled or interrupted event, the person shall pay the price difference. 

15. A ticket holder may not claim refund of any costs incurred in relation to a failed, cancelled or interrupted event regardless of the reason (such as transport costs, overnights, food, beverages, etc.).

16. SCAG shall not be responsible for a failed, cancelled or interrupted event if the event had been organised entirely by third parties. In this case the ticket holder should refer to the relevant organiser.


  1. The prices of entry tickets, as well as group and individual discounts for the use of the services provided by SCAG are set out in Appendix 32 of the Ordinance on determination and administration of local fees and prices of services provided by Sofia Municipality, adopted by Decision No. 894 pursuant to Minutes No. 93 of 23 November 2006 of the Sofia Municipal Council, effective from 1 January 2007, as follows:
  1. Prices of entry tickets:
  1. For individual visits to Sofia City Art Gallery – per person:
  • for children up to 7 years old and disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50% and more – free of charge;
  • for pupils, students and pensioners – BGN 2.00;
  • for persons aged over 18 – BGN 4.00;
  • with “Sofia” card – BGN 2.00;
  1. for group visits to Sofia City Art Gallery:
  • family ticket  from 3 to 6 persons – BGN 6.00;
  • for groups of more than 8 persons – 50% discount from the price of the individual ticket; 
  1. a combined ticket for visit to Sofia City Art Gallery, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery and Dechko Uzunov Gallery: 
  • for children up to 7 years old and disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50% and more – free of charge;
  • for pupils, students and pensioners – BGN 2.00;
  • for persons aged over 18 – BGN 6.00;
  1. for individual visits to one of the branches of MCI Sofia City Art Gallery – Vaska Emanouilova Gallery or Dechko Uzunov Gallery – per person:
  • for children up to 7 years old and disabled persons with a degree of disability of 50% and more – free of charge;
  • for pupils, students and pensioners – BGN 1.00;
  • for persons aged over 18 – BGN 2.00;

1.1.5. Price of a ticket for visiting an exhibition at Sofia City Art Gallery combined with music performances of:

  • a solo performer – BGN 10.00;
  • formation – BGN 5.00. 
  1. Price for delivery of lectures and discourses:

1.2.1. for lecture delivery:

- in Bulgarian language – BGN 60.00; 

- in a foreign language – BGN 100.00.

1.2.2. for discourse delivery:

- in Bulgarian language – BGN 30.00; 

- in a foreign language – BGN 50.00.

  1. Price for taking pictures of cultural goods from the fund of MCI Sofia City Art Gallery – based on a preliminary request and granted permission by SCAG authorised person:

2.1. Price for taking pictures with own equipment:

- of oil painting and pencil drawing – BGN 15.00;

- of sculpture – BGN 25.00. 

2.2. Price for taking pictures with SCAG equipment and provision on electronic carrier:

- of oil painting and pencil drawing – BGN 25.00;

- of sculpture – BGN 35.00.

  1. Prices for hourly use of SCAG premises after making a preliminary request and confirmation of date and time:

- for use of hall 1 with an area of 390.50 sq.m. – BGN 355.00/hour

- for use of hall 2 with an area of 254.28 sq.m. – BGN 231.00/hour

- for use of hall 3 with an area of 394.60 sq.m. – BGN 284.00/hour

  1. For conducting educational events 50% of the price referred to in item 3 shall be paid;
  1. Use of the sites operated by SCAG for events organised by Sofia Municipality, public institutions and donors – free of charge, with the permission of the Mayor of  Sofia Municipality.

6. Prices for participation in educational programmes – workshops organised by SCAG per child for a programme of 4 hours:

- for pencil drawing workshop – BGN 2.00 per person;

- for water-colour workshop – BGN 5.00 per person;

- for oil painting workshop – BGN 10.00 per person;

- for sculpture workshop – BGN 15.00 per person;

- for restoration workshop – BGN 15.00 per person.

  1. Price for participation in the educational programme “Vacation at SCAG”, including events lasting 6 hours per day for a period of 5 days – BGN 100 per person.
  1. Price of the educational programme “History of Art at SCAG”, including events lasting 4 hours per day for a period of 4 days – BGN 100 per person.

9.  Prices of membership cards “Friends of SCAG” for visits to sites operated by SCAG: 

- “White card”, giving the right to unlimited number of visits for one year to 8 (eight) persons, including the card holder – BGN 1500.00 per card.

- “Blue card”, giving the right to unlimited number of visits for one year to 4 (four) persons, including the card holder – BGN 500.00 per card.

- “Green card”, giving the right to unlimited number of visits for one year to 1 (one) person who is the card holder – BGN 100.00 per card.

The cards under item 9 are issued at the ticket desk of SCAG after filling in an application in standard form and shall be valid for 1 (one) year from the date of issue. 

10. Prices of restoration and conservation works carried out by:

- Restorer – expert work – BGN 60.00/hour;

- Restorer – team head – BGN 40.00/hour;

- Assistant Restorer (assistant restorer, technical assistant) – BGN 20.00/hour.


1. The following actions are forbidden at the venues where SCAG events take place:

1.1. bringing in food and/or beverages, including consumption;   

1.2. smoking in any form and with any means (including, but not limited to, pipes, electronic cigarettes, etc.);

1.3. bringing in and use of narcotic drugs and/or narcotic substances and any other substances which are prohibited for use and/or which are dangerous to the health and life of visitors;  

1.4. bringing in and use of weapons, ammunitions, explosives, pyrotechnic articles and other  hazardous devices;

1.5. use of mobile phones, speaking, noise disturbance, running, climbing, jumping, pushing, and any other indecent and/or inappropriate actions which create or may create inconvenience, commotion, etc. both to other visitors/viewers and actors on stage or SCAG staff; 

1.6. taking pictures, recording and/or sound recording of works of art without prior permission and payment under article ____, by using any technical means, as well as infringement of copyrights and/or neighbouring rights in any way whatsoever;

1.7. throwing away waste outside the designated points; 

1.8. access of persons in a visibly intoxicated, agitated or aggressive state and of persons under the influence of narcotic drugs or narcotic substances;

1.9. access of persons in indecent clothes;

1.10. leaving young children unattended;

1.11. injury/damage to persons and/or property;

1.12. entry to premises that are closed to outsiders; 

1.13. display of symbols aimed to incite racial, gender, ethnic, national, religious hatred, discrimination, etc.;

1.14. any other actions specified by SCAG in a deliberate communication to visitors. 

2. In the event of restrictive and/or preventive measures imposed by the health authorities or other authorised public entities, which are aimed at safeguarding the life and health of individuals in case of epidemics, accidents and natural disasters or other circumstances requiring the application of such measures, all visitors must observe them as well as any additional requirements that may be introduced by the SCAG management, which visitors can find on the SCAG website or on prominently displayed notices at SCAG buildings for each specific case. 

3. The persons failing to observe the above rules will be requested to immediately leave the building or the other venues where SCAG events takes place, regardless of whether they have purchased a ticket and/or the show has begun. If they refuse to leave voluntarily, such persons will be forcibly removed by SCAG security guards and/or by notified policemen. In this case SCAG shall not owe refund of the price of the purchased ticket, if any, nor shall it owe any other compensation. 


1. When selecting an event, visitors should consider the time and the legal restrictions that apply to persons under the age of 18. 

2. The ORGANISER will not admit to its events persons under the age of 6, unless the event itself is targeted at such persons.  

3. (1) In compliance with the legal provisions of the Child Protection Act and the bylaws for its application, SCAG will not admit:

  1. children under the age of 14 after 20:00 o’clock, who are unattended by parents, guardians, custodians and other persons caring for a child;
  2. children who have reached the age of 14 but are under the age of 18 after 20:00 o’clock, who are unattended by parents, guardians, custodians and other persons caring for a child. 

(2) If the parents, guardians, custodians or other persons caring for a child cannot accompany the child, they must designate an adult with proper capacity to accompany the child at public places after 22.00 o’clock, if the child has reached the age of 14 but is under the age of 18. 

(3) Рarents, guardians, custodians or other persons caring for a child, as well as an adult with proper capacity who accompanies a child under the preceding item must pay a separate ticket for an event from that of the child.

4. SCAG may refuse access to persons to an event if they do not meet the conditions/requirements referred to above, and in this case SCAG will not refund the amount of the ticket, nor will it owe any other compensation.


1. In order to prove accessibility and favourable conditions, SCAG seeks to ensure the easiest possible access to disabled people to its premises. 

2.  Disabled people and/or their attendants may ask for help SCAG staff in case of need. 


1. No pets are allowed during SCAG events, except for guide dogs accompanying disabled people. The employees may require an ID document – a passport, a card, a certificate, etc., attesting the status of the guide dog. 

2.  Before purchasing a ticket, the person shall inform SCAG that he/she will be accompanied by a guide dog so as to ensure him/her the easiest possible access and visit to the event. No ticket is required for a guide dog.


1. SCAG ensures autonomously or jointly with third parties the guarding and security of its premises and events. The security guards will bear an identification badge with a photo, a distinctive sign and uniform, unless the guarding functions are assigned to third parties and other provisions apply to them.  

2. The security guards have the following powers in regard to events and premises:

2.1. to ensure compliance with the admission regime established by SCAG for entry and exit of the buildings and halls, the internal order, and these GTC;

2.2. to perform luggage checks, including by using a hand-held metal detector and a metal-detector frame, of motor vehicles and/or their cargo and of their accompanying documents; 

2.3. to make checks with technical means for presence of explosives, weapons and substances prohibited by law;

2.4. to carry out other actions in accordance with the effective legislation. 

3. The checks under the preceding item shall be carried out in a way that does not undermine the honour and dignity of individuals.

4. The persons who notice unusual behaviour, unattended luggage, problems during a performance etc. must immediately inform the curators or the security guards. 

5. SCAG undertakes that its staff will treat everyone with dignity and respect and expects the same from its visitors. SCAG has adopted a zero-tolerance approach in response to anyone who interacts with its staff or SCAG visitors in an aggressive and/or threatening way and in violation of the rules of conduct set out herein. 

6. Visitors should familiarise themselves with the internal order regulation for the relevant building or venue where a SCAG event takes place and other applicable relevant acts.


 http://www.sghg.bg/ and http://veg.sghg.bg :

1. The websites http://www.sghg.bg/ and http://veg.sghg.bg (sites) are virtual information resources, providing a combination of resources and services, created in compliance with the legal framework of the Republic of Bulgaria, from which SCAG visitors can obtain information about SCAG current events, initiatives and communications. SCAG sites are generally available, unless there are restrictions under the effective legislation or these GTC.

2. The services provided free of charge to users only for personal use via SCAG sites cover: 

2.1. Access to information resources, including text, graphic, audio and video materials, news, databases, photos etc., published in the sites;

2.2. Services involving search on the basis of criteria set by the users in the form of key words and obtaining access to information resources available on the sites or in the world wide network; 

2.3. Services involving the provision of access to virtual exhibition spaces, equipped with the ability to search by author name, date, work of art, etc. 

2.4. Other services developed and elaborated by SCAG.

3. All intellectual property rights, copyrights and neighbouring rights in the texts, images, music, audio visual works, trade marks, designs, compositions, etc., published on the sites, are held by SCAG or third parties who have ceded their rights for explicit use to SCAG, and any such recording, storage, reproduction, distribution without the prior written consent of SCAG constitutes a violation of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act and the applicable legal provisions in the field, unless it constitutes an offence within the meaning of the Penal Code.

4. Virtual exhibitions published on the sites are publicly available for viewing only online. No part of such exhibitions can be reproduced, recorded, copied, disseminated or used otherwise, and in case of established attempt at such manipulation or use from a concrete IP address, SCAG may block the access to the site/sites from the relevant IP address, and may take other measures against the offender to defend the copyrights and neighbouring rights in compliance with the preceding item.

5. The services and the manner of visualisation of the site are dynamic and may be complemented and altered for the purposes of improvement and convenience or as a result of alteration of the applicable legislation for their provision. 

6. Persons should use the services of the site in compliance with these GTC, potential additional guidance/communications from SCAG and in line with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

7. SCAG shall not be responsible for the existence of internet connection and for the quality of the link to the Internet of the users of its site, or for the site’s accessibility and operation at any time. 

8. SCAG shall not be responsible for any problems during the provision of the services, which are due to inadequate or defective equipment and software of the persons accessing the site. 

9. SCAG may terminate access to the services of users who use the services for commercial or advertising purposes or for developing and providing their own services, unless this is regulated in a written contract with SCAG.

10. SCAG shall not be responsible for potential losses suffered, benefits foregone or any other damages caused by a user as a result of using services via SCAG site or resulting from inability to use the services. 

11. Dissemination of communications with obscene or offensive content and/or images based on religion, faith or politics, as well as any other unlawful content is prohibited, insofar as the site allows publication of individual communications.

12. The site contains references to other websites, social media, shared-content platforms, as well as third-party advertising banners, boxes, etc. for commercial purposes. Such third parties may collect personal data and users of the SCAG site should refer to such persons regarding their policy on collection, processing and storage of personal data. 

13. Provision of certain services from the site may be terminated and the users of the site will be informed through a special notice on the site. 

14. So-called “cookies” are used for the proper operation of the site, which collect data about the visits and other information. Users can receive more details and information on the ways of restricting the type of processed traffic information from SCAG Privacy Policy.


1. For any matters not dealt with in these GTC the provisions of the effective Bulgarian legislation shall apply.

2. Where an event is broadcast on TV and/or by electronic means, joint recordings of visitors may be made with any technical devices, and the recordings made during or in connection to the event may be used free of charge, without place and time restriction, and the viewers agree with this by accepting these GTC. 

3. Processing of personal data in relation to the pursuit of the activity by SCAG is in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), and it is subject to SCAG Privacy Policy. 

4. In the event of a dispute between SCAG and a visitor/user of the site, the parties will use their best and reasonable efforts and steps to settle it through negotiations and mutual concessions. Failing to reach agreement, the dispute may be brought for settlement to the competent authority. 

These GTC have been adopted by the Director of SCAG, Ms Adelina Fileva.